Miss Julie

«Я не люблю пересказывать идею. Она должна быть скрыта. Она проявится в спектакле, и если её не поймут, это будет моя вина. Но объяснить её все равно невозможно»

А.С. Кончаловский, 'Культура', 2 марта, 2000 г.
Freken Julie - Julia Vysotskaya, Jean - Alexei Grinshin, Cristina - Daria Gracheva
Russia, 2005,
Malaya Bronnaya Theatre


August Strindberg

Stage director

Andrei Konchalovsky

Set designer

Lyubov Skorina

"With the globalization of pop-culture, the dominance of postmodernism and the loss of any real guidelines in the world of theatre, Shakespeare, Strindberg and Chekhov remain for us today that unreachable peak; the permanent reminder that the unselfish yearning to understand the human soul is the only true mission of any artist.

Strindberg didn't love women, but he suffered a lot because of it. This artist's pain was truly the starting point for his plays".

Andrei Konchalovsky

It's a good production. There are few other productions at the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre which can be compared to for the seriousness of its aims and realization, and its very high quality.

"Nezavisimaya gazeta" Grigori Zaslavsky