The Last Station

The Last Station


Year 2008
Country GermanyRussia

A joint production of - EGOLI TOSSELL FILM, Zephyr Films, The Andrei Konchalovsky Production Centre
Director - Michael Hoffman
Screenplay - Michael Hoffman
Producers - Jens Meurer, Chris Curling, Bonnie Arnold
Co-producer - Andrei Konchalovsky
Release date - Spring 2009

  Drama, based on Jay Parinis novel The Last Station
A true story about love and hatred, passion and tolerance, twists and faith

The Andrei Konchalovsky Production Center presents the film “The Last Station” in Russia and the CIS.

«The Last Station» is a captivating story about the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and the last year of his life.

In the film, Leo Tolstoy is not only portrayed as a world-renowned figure chased by hordes of reporters but also as a human being with his own antagonisms, weaknesses and the unfulfillable  wish to find the truth and gain absolute harmony between himself and the rest of the world.

The film depicts the most interesting and dramatic period of Leo Tolstoy’s life.

What led the great writer to leave his home, not long before his death, and spend his last hours in a stationmaster’s house in the remote station of Astapovo? Was he fleeing from his tormented life, driven by a burning desire for peace and quiet? Or was he escaping from his wife, who had come to mean everything to him? How did Tolstoy understand the concept of “love”, something he yearned for all his life, and longed to see in others? What was it like to carry the burden of being a prophet and a teacher and at the same time a husband and father?

The film is based on Jay Parini’s novel “The Last Station”, which was inspired in diaries written by Tolstoy himself, his family and close friends.

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy’s descendants are helping with the production of the film.

The filming was done in Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Thringen and Leipzig in Germany, as well as in Russia.

     Egoli Tossell   Zephyr Films

75th anniversary film market came to an endThe Andrei Konchalovsky Production Centre has presented a very interesting project, the film "The Last Station" which depicts the final year in the life of Leo Tolstoy. One of the things that makes this film so interesting is that it has been such a long time since Russian cinema last portrayed this writers personality. What also makes it special is that it is a joint Russian and German project. The film, which is based on Jay Parini's novel "The Last Station", is directed and written by Michael Hoffman.

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