House of Fools

House of Fools

«Cinema is cruel as it's too specific. The task of a film director is to leave room for fantasy.»

A.S.Konchalovsky, Kultura, March 2, 2000
Russia-France, 2002, 107 min.


Andrei Konchalovsky, Felix Kleiman


Andrei Konchalovsky


Andrei Konchalovsky

Photography director

Sergei Kozlov

Production designer

Lyubov Skorina

Film editor

Olga Grinshpun

Original music

Eduard Artyemev,
Ivan Smirnov

The film is based on a real story. Somewhere in Chechnya, behind tall walls, lies a regional clinic for the mentally ill. War is echoing in the distance, but every day it creeps nearer and nearer. There are a lot of patients, all very different; one of them is a Russian girl Zhanna, who believes she is engaged to Bryan Adams... Once a day, a train passes by. The patients’ only entertainment is looking at the train’s shiny windows and listening to the music which seeps through them. But somewhere out there a war is raging, and it is moving closer and closer towards them. One day the staff, headed by doctor, disappears and the patients, finding themselves completely free, turn the clinic upside down... Suddenly a group of Chechen forces appears out of nowhere and put everything back "in order", but the following day sees the arrival of the Russian troops. The Chechens retreat and the folly of war erupts in the world of the sick...