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A.S.Konchalovsky, "Elevating Deception". M., 1999.
Russia, 2007, 117 min.
a bitter comedy about sweet life


Andrei Konchalovsky


Andrei Konchalovsky, Avdotya Smirnova


Andrei Konchalovsky

Photography director

Maria Solovyeva R.G.C.

Production designer

Ekaterina Zaletaeva

Film editor

Olga Grinshpun

Original music

Eduard Artyemev

Original music

Vlad Loktev

Galya, a simple seamstress, comes to Moscow from Rostov-na-Donu. She dreams, like so many other girls of her age, of becoming a supermodel and seeing her photograph on the cover of the most fashionable glossy magazine. She doesn't want to work in a clothes factory and follow in her parents’ footsteps, especially as she is sure that thanks to her beauty she will triumph in the capital. Time passes and Galya's photograph does indeed appear on the cover of glossy magazine, but the price she'll have to pay will be much higher than she had ever imagined...

…Once again, Andrei Sergeevich has captured our society perfectly. A society which screams: “what's now in fashion in Russia is the indiscreet charm of the bourgeoisie.” Konchalovsky shows gloss for what it really is…

the "Vechernyaya Moskva" newspaper Natalya Bobrova

…In the ritual of consumer seduction any product with a glossy sugar-coated exterior is presented as being perfect: a fraction more and it will be sickly. However, this stage is never reached, for nothing lies under that mask of sweet life; in the end all that is consumed is emptiness. The symbol of glamour is a hollow Faberge egg…

the "Orlovsky vestnik" newspaper Vladimir Ermakov

…The world of glamour has become very similar to petrol stations. In our world today there is no real difference between opening a petrol station and publishing a magazine. The latter has lost all intellectual value; it no longer fulfills one’s desires. It has become pure business...

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