On the Stand of a Reactionary


Andrei Konchalovsky, Vladimir Pastukhov





Number of printed copies

30 000, (320 pages)

Political journalism always deals with current social issues. "Na Tribune Reaktsionera" is the authors' passionate response to events happening in their country and the world; it is "thunder and lightning" thrown at current politicians and bureaucracy. This book is a series of shocking statements about the most significant events in Russia and the rest of the world; it is an analysis of extreme political situations.

"We are among those who, using Solzhenitsyn's words, believe that you can't cure your illness at the expense of others' health. But in order to understand your "illness", you need to know your culture and understand those realities, which will help you down the road to recovery".

You may agree with the authors, or you may not.... But this book undoubtedly forces you to think. To think about the past, the present and the future. About yourself, life and the fate of the country you're living in.

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Andrei Knyazev, "Vechernyaya Moskva"

"Andrei Sergeevich, doesn't it bother you that your book has received such criticism? "I was expecting these bitter arguments; they are just another birthday present for me. In fact, that's really what I write for...